Scalable Affordable Housing

For any housing solution to sustainably address the inequality faced by marginalized and vulnerable populations, that solution must be scalable. It’s “easy” to house one family. It’s “easy” to include a small handful of affordable housing units in a large residential development project. But a large-scale problem like that of housing inequality requires solutions thatContinue reading “Scalable Affordable Housing”

Pandemic-Informed Housing

PEER Homes is learning lessons from the novel coronavirus pandemic to design and build housing that can slow the spread of pathogens. We should all be thoroughly washing our hands more often, and scrubbing as soon as we walk in the door is a proven method for keeping our homes free from the pathogens weContinue reading “Pandemic-Informed Housing”

Spokane Housing Action Plan Working Group

PEER Homes is on the City of Spokane’s Housing Action Plan Working Group. The group is formulating a plan to help increase housing options that are affordable and accessible for people and families of all incomes. As Spokane grows, we are facing a gap in housing supply. The plan will provide a strategic approach toContinue reading “Spokane Housing Action Plan Working Group”

Residential Property Design Contest

We’re looking for bold mixed-use urban site ideas. The projects should be a dense blend of affordable/accessible housing (1bd/1ba, 2bd/1ba), pedestrian/bicycle-friendly place-making, retail/dining, and a small food market. Our favorite designs will incorporate underground parking, green/passive/living-house building concepts, ADA/universal design and accessibility, solar/geothermal power and HVAC, xeriscaping, rainwater catchment, food gardening, flexible outdoor space thatContinue reading “Residential Property Design Contest”

Housing as a Human Right?

The US government doesn’t think of housing as a right; but the UN does, along with other governments and NGOs. We at PEER Homes subscribe to Kate Raworth’s concept of “Doughnut Economics“–meeting the needs of all within the means of the planet. We believe that each of us is born with the same rights–yes, “life,Continue reading “Housing as a Human Right?”

Housing Inequality

Housing inequality is a form of economic inequality marked by disparities in the quality of housing. Housing is recognized as a basic human right by the United Nations and by many national constitutions, as the lack of adequate housing has adverse consequences for individuals, families, communities, and societies. Spokane, Washington, has a history of systemicContinue reading “Housing Inequality”

Social Purpose Corporation

A new type of corporate business model is established under the WBCA, the social purpose corporation–sometimes called a “B-Corp” or benefit corp. An SPC, while subject to all the provisions applicable to other corporations, must be organized to promote a general social purpose that is intended to positively affect certain constituencies. These constituencies must includeContinue reading “Social Purpose Corporation”