Scalable Affordable Housing

PEER Homes Affordable 2bd 2ba 6 Story Elevation Northwest

For any housing solution to sustainably address the inequality faced by marginalized and vulnerable populations, that solution must be scalable. It’s “easy” to house one family. It’s “easy” to include a small handful of affordable housing units in a large residential development project. But a large-scale problem like that of housing inequality requires solutions that are just as feasible for one family as they are for a thousand.

It’s estimated that 3,300 people were experiencing homelessness in Spokane, Washington, last fall–1.5% of the city’s population. At PEER Homes, we want to make sure everyone gets home.

Scalable designs like the The PEER Homes 2×2 Affordable Home make that possible. This ultra-efficient, compact 625ft2 rectangular floor-plan accommodates four adults safely, comfortably, healthfully, and sustainably; and it does so whether it’s built as a single-family residence on its own lot, clustered in a community of cottages, or stacked and staggered into duplexes, triplexes, or high-rises.

Cleverly designed to be inexpensive to build and to use materials and space efficiently, The PEER Homes 2×2 utilizes a single “wet wall” for all plumbing, HVAC, power, and telecommunications. Not only can units be sandwiched together to share utility access, but their long-term maintenance is made simpler and cheaper.

This design delivers scalable density. Using just 0.04 acres–that’s 32’x44′–of land, pairs of sandwiched 2x2s can be stacked as high as desired. A 12-unit, 6-story configuration houses 48 people on just 1,400ft2 of property, all while staying under the 55-foot height limit for zoning areas like Spokane’s Centers and Corridors.

PEER Homes is committed to ensuring all residences can withstand feasibility analysis and produce a reasonable rate of return while collecting only Fair Market Rents (FMR), as defined by HUD’s Office of Policy Development and Research.

Rented at the 2021 FMR of $1,007, these 2-bedroom units are ideal for Spokane Housing Authority Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers and other forms of housing assistance. Even with a 5% vacancy rate this 12 unit building generates nearly $138,000 per year in rent revenue while remaining affordable and accessible for all.

PEER Homes doesn’t see affordable housing as charity or a write-off. Housing can be both profitable for builders and developers AND affordable and accessible to everyone.

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