Sustainable Housing Concepts for the Inland Northwest

Reimagining What it Means to be “Affordable”

“Affordable Housing” needn’t conjure images of Brutalist post-war boxes. We see housing as a human right, so we think all housing should be affordable. Affordable housing should be comfortable, secure, quiet, private, ecologically sustainable, and beautiful.

PEER Homes Quad High-Rise Rendering 1
PEER Homes Quad High-Rise Rendering 1

Quad High-Rise Project

This development boasts a blend of 1bd/1ba apartments renting for $774/month and 2bd/1ba units renting for $1,007/month. Solar panels and geothermal HVAC power, heat, and cool the property sustainably; while green roofs, apiaries, and community food gardens bring nature to residents. Universal design makes the whole property accessible for those of all abilities, and access to bike lanes and STA transit render personal automobiles obsolete.

PEER Homes Mixed Use Rendering 1
PEER Homes Mixed Use Rendering 1

Mixed-Use Project

These studio apartments ($674/month) are paired with a vibrant suite of shops and services, including a local market and a community space. Residents benefit from free included high-speed wi-fi internet, weekly community-supported agriculture (CSA) produce-delivery, and laptop/tablet leasing for educational or employment purposes.

PEER Homes Plaza Rendering 1
PEER Homes Plaza Rendering 1

Plaza Project

This flexible outdoor square incorporates the placemaking principles of “Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper” experimental projects to organically determine “best use.” Each of the plaza’s uses must answer one or more needs for the neighborhood in the areas of Health & Well-being, Equity & Inclusion, Economic Development, and Sustainability and Resilience. Markets, events, art installations, games, gathering spots, play areas and more can be introduced.

4-Plex Elevation 16:9
PEER Homes 4-Plex Rendering 1

4-Plex Project

Utilizing the ultra-efficient 625ft2 PEER Homes 2×2 Affordable Home floor-plan, this socially and ecologically conscious 4-plex is built to comfortably house four families on a 1,575ft2 footprint (0.04 acre) at the 2021 HUD Fair Market Rent rate of $1,007/mo.

The PEER Homes 2×2 Affordable Home will revolutionize affordable housing in the Inland Northwest.

Let’s make sure everyone gets home.

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