Pandemic-Informed Housing

PEER Homes is learning lessons from the novel coronavirus pandemic to design and build housing that can slow the spread of pathogens.

We should all be thoroughly washing our hands more often, and scrubbing as soon as we walk in the door is a proven method for keeping our homes free from the pathogens we picked up while out and about.

Residents and guests stop to remove outwear and wash their hands before entering the home.

By situating washrooms at both entries, everyone is reminded to wash well before entering the home. The vestibule at the front entry provides seating for you and your guests to remove shoes, masks, and outerwear and then store them in this transitional space away from the rest of the home.

Ultraviolet sterilization kills microbes on masks and other belongings.

Automatic ultraviolet sterilization lamps mounted above mask hooks and shoe storage kill pathogens on your belongings while you’re not wearing them. (We deploy the same technology at the kitchen sink to kill the microbes that live in your dish scrubber, so you can use it safely for much longer–and it doesn’t stink!)

Touch-less light switches and faucets cut down on fomite contamination. High-touch surfaces that can’t be made touch-less can be made safer with antimicrobial materials, including copper.

HVAC registers are HEPA filtered to improve air quality and safety. As a bonus, this filtration keeps indoor air healthy even when the outdoor Air Quality Index climbs into the Hazardous PM2.5 concentrations that are becoming more common during the autumn fire season.

We at PEER Homes believe everyone deserves a healthy home, and we’re applying the lessons of the global COVID-19 pandemic to make sure everyone gets home safe.

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